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India Classroom Project launched


Funds are needed to provide classrooms for the Gnyan Sampada Residential School at Lasina, Yamatval in India. Since 2002, the school has provided accommodation and schooling for children from one of the poorest regions of Maharashtra State. With a literacy rate of 2% within this tribal group, education is highly prized. Global Mission Partners have already assisted this school with classrooms, enabling teaching from Nursery to Grade VI. The aim is to provide four more classrooms to provide education for higher grades. The school is committed to providing 50% of its places for female students – an important consideration in a state where girls have limited opportunities.

This church aims to provide at least one classroom at the cost of $5000 during its fundraising efforts this year.  Donations can be made through EFT at:

Classroom Project
Church of Christ Wembley Downs
BSB 736-000
A/c No. 070510

Middle of Advent

How are you faring? Is Christmas yet intruding?  (The legendary 12 days commence on December 25th).

Advent is about preparation and anticipation. Juggling our busy timetables to accommodate “early Christmas” celebrations puts us between a rock and a hard place. Our collective psyche is responsive to the deep rhythms of preparatory and celebratory seasons. The weeks leading to the celebration of the Nativity of the Christ are meant to be times of reflection on past, present and future yearnings around the themes of hope, peace, joy and love.  In some traditions, fasting is even required. And then – Christmas! Feasting, laughing, celebration – that which is yearned for is now here! Snap bonbons! Drink toasts! Sing carols! Emmanuel! God is here!

In our muddled chaos, these things will bleed into the Advent season. Internally, however, we can maintain the rhythm.

Blessed Advent in preparation for a Blessed Christmas!


Advent begins next Sunday

Church Anniversary – We’re 51!

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World Communion Sunday

City Beach Prayer Festival


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