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Calling in from India

Ashwood Memorial Hospital

Meet Dr. Philemon and Shalini Pawar of Ashwood Memorial Hospital, Daund, Maharashtra, India, over a shared lunch following 9:30 am Worship and Communion on Sunday, May 1st.

See the story of Ashwood Memorial Hospital at

A parish of 2000 students

Our local high school has access to two school chaplains throughout the week. YouthCARE chaplains Andrew Winton and Susan Sydney-Smith are in high demand by students, parents and staff as they provide, first, a listening ear and then, if needed, care by provision of information, referral or practical help. Local churches come together to raise financial support for this service. Susan Sydney-Smith is guest speaker at the Church of Christ Wembley Downs this Sunday, November 23, at 9.30 am.

YouthCARE chaplains Andrew Winton and Susan Sydney-Smith at Churchlands Senior High School

YouthCARE chaplains Andrew Winton and Susan Sydney-Smith at Churchlands Senior High School


Open House winds up 2013 in style!

Nothing like a bit of celebratory jazz before a festive dinner.

A Trip Through the Apocalypse

Robert Brittain’s “24 Images of John’s Apocalypse” was commissioned and blessed at a special worship service at the Wembley Downs Church of Christ this morning. Emeritus Professor Reverend William Loader was present to address the gathering on the background and relevance of the book as a “text of hope.”
Rosemary Hunter, lecturer in art history, spoke of the critical elements of imagination, emotion and order that were consistently portrayed through Mr Brittain’s work, emphasising a positive message of ultimate reconciliation.

Cana Celebration

Exploring the abundance and joy of the first sign in John’s gospel with Ray and Kath’s 6oth wedding anniversary added some zip to this morning’s service!


Q & A at Wembley Downs

The “Q” was supplied by that veteran crafty quizmaster- John Beard

The assorted “A” was offered by the rest of us – about 90 stalwarts, friends, family and neighbours of the Downs Church

A great night was had by all and a good sum was raised for local YouthCare chaplaincy

Sizzler for Luita St Fair YouthCare Stall

Only shade and little escape from the heat of the first really hot day of the season   did little to discourage volunteers manning the Churchlands YouthCare Council stall at the annual Luita Street Fair today.

The sale of books, homemade cakes, slices, biscuits and jams goes a long way to the churches’ funding share of YouthCare chaplaincy at our local high school.