This Sunday – Cosmic Health Care

Hear Jason James share the ministry of Cosmic Health Care in remote parts of the world, including the rural districts of Zimbabwe.


sizolwethu (1)Click here to read about their partnership with Sizolwethu Mobile Health

Sunday, February 1st, 9.30 am

Local YouthCare Council kicks off 2015

YouthCare Council kiicks off 2015The Churchlands YouthCare Council kicked off its plans for the new year in style at the local cafe. The Council helps maintain a self-funded chaplaincy position at Churchlands Senior High School. The school and community, together with the local churches, raise the necessary support. The Council also advocates for chaplaincy in the feeder primary schools. Watch here for coming events.

Catch a missed service

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The twelfth day of Christmas… Epiphany!

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Tradition usually has the visit of the magi with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh on the final day of Christmas, heralding the season of Epiphany, the celebration of a manifestation, that in Jesus, all that needs to be known about God is revealed. The gifts of these 12 days comprise this epiphany. The challenge now is for someone to set them to the metre and music of the familiar “Partridge in a Pear Tree” carol which has its own debated symbolism.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, God gave humanity:
12 Epiphany
11 Auld Lang Syne – connection
10 Word dwells among us
9 Deep wisdom
8 Fresh start
7 Visionary hope
6 Cosmic outlook
5 Unconstrained love
4 Thankful hearts
3 Wedding clothes
2 Completion
1….and peace on earth to all.

Now there’s a start!

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On the eleventh day of Christmas… Auld Lang Syne

The gift of connection. The final days of Christmas coincide with New Year celebrations and reflections. As the calendar turns over to the new year, Robert Burn’s Auld Lang Syne rings out through the gathered crowds. It is a song of connection and Christmas is about God’s ultimate gift of connection in dwelling amongst us in Jesus of Nazareth, who became known as the Christ for this very fact.

Scotland has sent an invitation to the world to join them in a universal singing ofAuld Lang Syne. You can see details here. Our congregation decided, in the name of connection, to join in, and they are sending this video clip to (hopefully) be included.

The tenth day of Christmas… Word dwells amongst us

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Sometimes a gift takes more than one day to unwrap, so we continue to reflect on the implications of deep Wisdom (the Word) taking on flesh in Jesus of Nazareth and dwelling in our midst. A gift is not always well received – look at how busy the “Returns” counter is at the Boxing Day sales. John’s Gospel tells us “… the world did not know him…” and “… his own people did not accept him… ”

Unwrap and engage the gift completely and – voila! – “… to all who received him, who believed in his name, he gave power to become children of God…”

That’s what happens when the Word dwells among us and we pay attention!

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On the ninth day of Christmas – Deep Wisdom

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There is a deep wisdom behind the universe. It is beyond knowledge – knowing how things work. It is beyond mysticism – trusting how things work. Yet it involves and transcends both. In the Jewish and Christian traditions, this deep wisdom has a central focus. Hebrew tradition personifies wisdom as a woman practical and present at Creation, most famously portrayed in Proverbs 8. The epiphany of wisdom here  earthy, pragmatic and full of common sense. She became known in the Greek tradition as Sophia, and there is a strong strand in traditional Christianity alluding to the femininity of Wisdom.

John’s Gospel reflects its Hellenistic context. Here the more abstract term Logos – (reason) comes into play. It is the instrument through which the universe comes into being and is identified as being both with/of God and, indeed, God as well. The Logos took flesh and is recognisable in Jesus of…

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